Pretty Maids es una banda de heavy metal proveniente de Horsens, Dinamarca. Formada en 1981 por Ronnie Atkins y Ken Hammer, su sonido puede ser definido como algo entre Europe y Running Wild. 

Activo desde: 1981
Origen: Horsens
Álbumes: Future World, Red Hot and Heavy, Más
Miembros: Hal Patino, Ronnie Atkins, Alan Owen, Phil More, Ken Hammer, John Darrow, AllanTschicaja, Dominic Gale
Compañías discográficas: CBS Records, Bullet Records, Frontiers Records, Massacre Records

Discos de estudio

    Red Hot and Heavy (1984)
    Future World (1987)
    Jump The Gun (1990, released as Lethal Heroes in America)
    Sin-Decade (1992)
    Stripped (1993, acoustic album)
    Scream (1994, not released in Europe until 1995)
    Spooked (1997)
    Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing (1999)
    Carpe Diem (2000)
    Planet Panic (2002)
    Wake Up to the Real World (2006)
    Pandemonium (2010)


    Pretty Maids (1983, Bullet Records)
    Pretty Maids (1984, re-released on CBS)
    In Santa's Claws (1990, Christmas release)
    Offside (1992, acoustic EP)
    Massacre Classix Shape Edition (1999, limited edition logo-shaped disc)

Discos en vivo

    Screamin' Live (1995, live compilation)
    Alive At Least (2003, live compilation)

Discos compilatorios

    The Best Of: Back To Back (1998)
    First Cuts and Then Some (1999, compilation of early and rare mater

Please Don't Leave Me by Pretty Maids on Grooveshark

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Spooked by Pretty Maids on Grooveshark

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